Frequently asked questions

Progressive Turnout Project is the largest voter contact organization in the country, specifically dedicated to mobilizing the Democratic Party and defending democracy. Our mission: rally Democrats to vote.

The process to become a remote canvasser is simple, and involves four steps:

  1. Apply and Interview
  2. Onboard
  3. Brief and Receive Materials
  4. Canvass!

Upon completing the application, you’ll be invited to conduct a brief phone or virtual interview with a member of our team. If you are invited to join the PTP team following your interview, you’ll be asked to complete a criminal background check, and a member of our team will walk you through the online paperwork process.

Once you have been extended an offer to work as a remote canvasser as an independent contractor, you’ll be asked to complete an online briefing that will provide you with best practices for successful canvassing and ensure you have a full working knowledge of the MiniVAN phone application, which is used by all of our canvassers.

Finally, you’ll receive a package with all of your canvassing materials sent directly to your home or residence and will be assigned canvassing turf in your local area. You’re ready to knock on doors! Please note that you choose when you canvass–you can complete your turf all at once, which should take approximately three to four hours, or you can spread it across a few days. All that matters is that you knock on all the households in your packet and correctly enter your data.

All remote canvassers are hired as independent contractors and compensated based on completing each canvassing turf. Canvassers are free to set their own schedules and work at their own pace. If a canvasser successfully completes their first turf and accurately enters all of their data, they’ll be eligible to canvass additional turf packets through March 5, 2024. Canvassers are paid either by direct deposit or by paper check every other Friday for all their completed work.